HttpMaid can provide seriously lightweight HTTP endpoints while at the same time offering a rich set of features. Since not every user of HttpMaid needs to use all offered features, we have spread them across multiple maven dependencies in order to keep the individual dependency footprint small. This document provides guidance to anyone who needs to integrate HttpMaid dependencies into a new or existing Maven project.

I just want to try it

All HttpMaid integrations have been bundled into a single maven module so that initial users don’t need to bother choosing the correct dependencies. If you are new to HttpMaid and just want to experience HttpMaid for the first time, just include this dependency:


This contains anything HttpMaid has to offer, but be aware that it probably adds way more than you need and should not be used in serious projects.

Production-quality setup

Any setup beyond a simple 5-minute trial run should follow an approach that only adds dependencies which are actually used.

The core module

Every HttpMaid configuration needs to include the core module:


It contains the basic HttpMaid builder and the [PureJavaEndpoint]( Java).

Integration modules

Depending on which HttpMaid features you intend to use, you need to load additional dependencies. All integrations and their respective Maven coordinates can be found in the /integrations project subdirectory.