Usability testing

QuantumMaid’s goal is to be easy to understand and use - by both new and experienced developers. Unfortunately, we developers sometimes get carried away and forget to take the user’s perspective. This leads to a framework that is not aligned with the user’s needs and causes frustration. To prevent this, we perform usability tests.

Sadly, usability tests are more the exception than the rule for open-source frameworks. A lot of people have never done such a test and do not know what to expect. This page serves as a guideline to get an idea how we conduct such tests.


The first and most important thing is that the usability test is not a test for you - it is a test for our framework. You cannot make any mistakes during the test. If you get confused or things appear too complicated, then we failed, not you. So you help us by finding such opportunities for improving QuantumMaid or the tutorial.

The test itself usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes. It is done over Skype, Hangouts or whatever is best for you. From our team there will be two people in the call, Kat and Marco. Those two will guide you through the test.

The target of the tests will be our 15 minute getting started tutorial. You are asked to follow the tutorial and share your screen so that Kat and Marco can follow your steps. During the test, we are happy to hear of anything that excites you and anything that confuses or bothers you. After all, we are looking for feedback. We know it is kind of weird having someone looking over your shoulder while doing something - but we promise - this all will be easy going and kind of fun.


After you have finished the tutorial you can give additional feedback or ask questions. In the end Kat and Marco will thank you for helping us to make QuantumMaid more usable. If you like, you can also be part of our contributor page.