Running QuantumMaid

There are two different options to run a configured QuantumMaid application. If you want QuantumMaid to start the application and then block the current thread, you can run it like this:;

If you want QuantumMaid to start the application and then return, you run it like this:


Cleaning up resources

In order to clean up allocated resources like open network ports, you can run the close() method:


Because the QuantumMaid class implements the AutoClosable interface, you can alternatively use a try-with-resources statement:

try (QuantumMaid quantumMaid = QuantumMaid.quantumMaid()
        .get("/", (request, response) -> response.setBody("Hello World!"))
        .withLocalHostEndpointOnPort(port)) {
    // do something

Using more advanced features of QuantumMaid

In the last chapter, a lambda function was used to handle the / route. In case more complex features of HttpMaid and MapMaid are used, QuantumMaid requires your application to be compiled with the -parameters compile option. Doing so gives QuantumMaid runtime access to parameter names and enables it to map parameters automatically. Take a look here to learn how to configure this. Also make sure that your IDE correctly adopted the -parameters option. If you need to set it manually, look here for IntelliJ IDEA and here for Eclipse.