The go-to application framework for Beginners, Domain-Driven Designers, Clean Architects, Monolithics, Microservicers, Servlet Grandpas, Docker Hipsters and Serverless Junkies.

Designed for Clean Architecture and Domain-Driven Design

QuantumMaid stays completely out of your business logic. It explicitly does not require you to:

  • Add annotations to your code
  • Inherit base classes
  • Implement framework interfaces

In fact, you can bundle your entire business logic into a dedicated module without any dependency to the application framework. This enables you to implement Domain-Driven Design by the book.

Quick Start

This documentation gives an in-depth explanation on all of QuantumMaid’s features.

For an easy start with QuantumMaid, the 15 Minute Tutorial might be the best option.

More tutorials can be found here.