Core Team

  • Richard Hauswald
  • Marco Eggersmann
  • Alexander Castendyck
  • Kathinka Klein

Individual Contributors

Usability Testers

  • Niels Cölle
  • Oliver Siegmar

How to contribute to this project

QuantumMaid encourages everyone to contribute. May it be a new feature, a bug fix or a well written tutorial or guide, all contribution is highly appreciated.

How to find out what to contribute

Open issues can be found on Github. In case an issue is missing there, feel free to create it. For questions that are not suited for the issue based approach, contact us directly on one of our channels (see our Community Page for more information). A more confidential way of communication is available via our official mail (see Contact).

Making a contribution

All contributions are to be revised by the core team. All contributions towards the code base must be provided using Pull Requests on Github. They must follow the code style and Code of Conduct described here. Other forms of contribution, that do not allow for this Pull Request based approval process, should be discussed directly with a member of the core team. Vulnerabilities can be reported as described here. If your contribution fulfills all criteria, it will be approved by the core team. Your name will then be placed on the list of awesome people above if you want.